A comprehensive eDiscovery solution

Achieve an end-to-end workflow as per EDRM framework

Bring entire eDiscovery (Collection + Processing + ECA + Review + Production) under a single umbrella

Gartner Recognized eDiscovery Solution

eDiscovery is an intricate process demanding high-end technology support to pull out a wide variety of data from various data sources. The process begins with the collection of data and ends with production load submission. Statistics say that 18.7 billion text messages are sent every day worldwide, and in 2020, roughly 306.4 billion emails were sent and received each day. With this data transmission rate, it is expected that by 2025, the amount of data generated each day is expected to reach 463 Exabyte globally.

Imagine the world we live in, soon, we will be surrounded by data, and these data will be crucial parts of our lives. Today, most litigation or investigation requires eDiscovery as a priority. That’s where our end–to–end eDiscovery platform comes in handy, helping law firms or investigation organizations save their valuable time and money.

Knovos’ holistic eDiscovery solution trims down the challenges one by one and assists you at every stage with its advanced capabilities. Manage complex eDiscovery cases effortlessly from processing to production. Our eDiscovery solution is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning capabilities. These technologies make our eDiscovery solution robust and competent.

Perks of having an end-to-end eDiscovery solution

Dynamic Repository

Dynamic Repository

Keep your important case information saved in an early case assessment repository that enables legal teams to significantly reduce data volume, conduct exploratory analysis, and apply strategy early in a case. When juggling with multiple matters, the ECA repository is a boon to the legal teams.
From Collection to Production

From Collection to Production

Electronically stored information (ESI) comes in many shapes and sizes. Some are easy to collect, while some require expert skills. Once the collection is done, the automation begins. Ingest the data in the system and experience the magic of end-to-end solutions.
Discover the Power of Analytics

Discover the Power of Analytics

Machine Learning technology brings in speed and efficiency. The powerful blend of automated workflows, document grouping, and comprehensive analytics such as Image analytics, Fuse analytics, keyword analytics, communication analytics, PII analytics, and email thread analytics empowers case attorneys or legal teams to review countless documents with accuracy.
More Insights and Quick Results

More Insights and Quick Results

Artificial Intelligence delivers a qualitative review. Grab the benefit from early risk mitigation, efficient resource management, and more significant insights. Identify the loopholes in the production set based on the TAR learnings gathered during the Case. The Continuous Active Learning algorithm automatically recommends the most relevant tags, ensuring better coding decisions that save time.
Pattern Pattern

Discover the Benefits

Gain control over entire eDiscovery documents
Gain control over entire eDiscovery documents
Access a scalable platform with massive capacity
Access a scalable platform with massive capacity
Drastically reduce eDiscovery cost
Drastically reduce eDiscovery cost
Finish the eDiscovery in time
Finish the eDiscovery in time

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