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Even before the exponential increase in digital data production, legal professionals are burdened as they navigate through an overwhelming number of e-mails, text messages, business documents, data collected from various platforms like project management tools, HRMS, etc., and instant messaging apps (Slack, MS Teams) data, and more to find key evidence.

Legal professionals not only have to review these documents in a timely manner, but also have to ensure accuracy and cost-efficiency.

The Solution:

Our TAR (Technology Assisted Review) technology uses predictive coding and Continuous Active Learning (CAL) to improve the document review experience and solve significant eDiscovery challenges such as time limitation and high cost. The solution is completely integrated with our document review platform to maximize its usage on large data sets in minimal time.

It provides efficient methodologies for case teams to prioritize, categorize, or qualify documents during the review process. Additionally, the solution has quality control capabilities, including random sampling and conflicting decision reports that quickly identify inconsistencies in decisions between different document groups.

Here's What to Expect

Rapid Review

Rapid Review

Knovos TAR solution is based on the continuous active learning technique. It learns the coding patterns derived from the sample documents reviewed by experts and implies it learns to review the rest of the documents in the data set.
Optimized eDiscovery Cost

Optimized eDiscovery Cost

TAR reduces review costs and saves time drastically. It ensures that only relevant or responsive documents undergo attorney review, which narrows downs the manual review document set to be reviewed by categorizing the documents based on relevance.
Improved Review Quality

Improved Review Quality

Train TAR to apply experts' knowledge in creating coding rules and tagging the rest of the documents immediately. Avoid manual errors and overlooking with our effective TAR technology.
Accelerated eDiscovery

Accelerated eDiscovery

Speed up the eDiscovery process without losing accuracy. TAR is designed to optimize predictive learning capability and identify relevant information from the pile of review documents. Develop a comprehensive case strategy early during the litigation.
Identify Gaps in Production Set

Identify Gaps in Production Set

Review the production set and identify the loopholes hidden in them. Use algorithms like concept and metadata searching, relevance ranking, and clustering, revealing any information classification types missing in the production.
Improved Accuracy

Improved Accuracy

TAR algorithm learns from review experts to tag case documents based on the knowledge of case experts and highly efficient attorneys in document review. TAR's AI Tag Classification automates the process improving the accuracy of the review process
Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Get timely updates on document review levels, progress, and other details such as source set, threshold levels, and more from a single point of access.
Pattern Pattern
Check out how our AI powered TAR solution helps you find relevant documents out of voluminous data.
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