Gaining actionable insights into voluminous and complex data sets is a huge challenge for both law firms and corporations, particularly when dealing with the short timelines and financial constraints often associated with developing legal strategies or preparing for electronic discovery. Making matters worse, today’s eDiscovery market is saturated with products that only handle specific phases of the process, with few end-to-end solutions available. Litigation professionals can find themselves going through multiple rounds of exports, losing focus on what matters most — the need to quickly, defensibly process data and turn analysis into action.

Knovos’ integrated suite of advanced solutions empowers users to easily manage and visualize the entire eDiscovery lifecycle — from processing and analysis through production. This results in optimized and automated electronic discovery processes, increasing efficiency and quality while delivering meaningful and actionable analytics.


Data Capture and Collection

At the start of any litigation, there is an urgency to collect all potentially relevant information quickly and efficiently. The relevance, locations, complexity, and amount...

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Data Processing

After attorneys determine which electronically stored information (ESI) they want to capture and collect, they have to begin processing it for review. However, the exponential...

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ECA & Knowledge Management

Corporations working with the same outside counsel often find themselves conducting multiple collections from the same data source. With business data continuously expanding, these data...

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Document Review

The traditional approach to document review involves a manual, linear strategy that requires attorney eyes on every document to classify for relevancy and privilege. With...

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In civil litigation, the culmination of document review is the identification of relevant, non-privileged evidence for sharing among parties. With tight, court-established deadlines, review teams...

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eZReview - End To End eDiscovery Solution

eZReview, Knovos’ holistic eDiscovery platform, provides a centrally managed environment with feature-rich, integrated modules for truly comprehensive eDiscovery. Our simple and intuitive dashboard enables enhanced customization and oversight, while advanced security features ensure robust protection of confidential data.... Read More