After attorneys determine which electronically stored information (ESI) they want to capture and collect, they have to begin processing it for review. However, the exponential growth of data types has found litigation professionals often struggling to access the pertinent information in unstructured data. Even if they do find the information they are looking for, it is meaningless if the software is incapable of converting the ESI into a form that will facilitate efficient review. With many solutions in the market focusing only on individual phases of the eDiscovery lifecycle, legal teams often incur more costs transferring their processed data to a review platform than they would if using an end-to-end solution.

Knovos’ solution caters to virtually all data types, sizes, and structures — in any language. It has the power to process complex formats such as Lotus Notes, SharePoint, cell phone data, social networks, legacy products, and much more. Full automation of processes and defensible culling techniques strip away irrelevant data prior to ingestion to the review platform, drastically reducing review costs.


eZReview - End To End eDiscovery Solution

eZReview, Knovos’ holistic eDiscovery platform, provides a centrally managed environment with feature-rich, integrated modules for truly comprehensive eDiscovery. Our simple and intuitive dashboard enables enhanced customization and oversight, while advanced security features ensure robust protection of confidential data.... Read More