The traditional approach to document review involves a manual, linear strategy that requires attorney eyes on every document to classify for relevancy and privilege. With the digitization of most business practices leading to a steady growth in data volumes, linear document review costs have risen exponentially. As a result, document review is often the most expensive phase of eDiscovery. While many solutions on the market today offer tools to cut down on review time, most are only available as plug-ins or specialize in just one strategy. Without a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and integrated solution, many of these products are underutilized, with review strategy suffering as a result.

Knovos’ document review solution empowers attorneys to find relevant data quickly and implement more efficient review strategies via advanced, integrated analytical tools. An intuitive user interface, automated review workflows, and comprehensive tagging rules allow users to review documents quickly without risking quality work product. Custom reporting features give attorneys oversight into the productivity of their team, facilitating management of the review process and ensuring that tight deadlines are met. With an ability to scale for any number of documents, our solution drives cost-saving efficiencies throughout the review process.


eZReview is a time-proven and powerful document review platform delivering best-in-class performance. eZReview’s scalability enables legal teams to efficiently handle even the most complex cases, while its flexible and automated features and advanced reporting capabilities enhance the administration and effectiveness of document review.... Read More

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