In civil litigation, the culmination of document review is the identification of relevant, non-privileged evidence for sharing among parties. With tight, court-established deadlines, review teams are often scrambling to produce relevant documents on an expedited basis, churning out weekly or even daily document productions as multiple levels of review are completed. Review teams may comprise hundreds of reviewers, and the need to reconcile coding inconsistencies across thousands of documents while leaving enough time to treat data in accordance with established production specifications can push deadlines to the brink. In addition, exporting and importing documents between review and production environments is time-consuming and tedious, with legal teams not always able to accommodate last-minute changes or corrections to the finalized production set.

Litigation professionals require a scalable, integrated solution that takes documents from review to production seamlessly. An integrated solution minimizes the need to import and export documents between different software, affording users more critical time to finalize an accurate production set. Comprehensive validation and auditing features are further complemented by inbuilt efficiencies and automation, enabling faster throughput while controlling for risk. Knovos’ eDiscovery solution can produce load files for any review tool in the market, giving users the freedom and flexibility to control how they produce data along with the confidence that they are doing so defensibly.


eZReview - End To End eDiscovery Solution

eZReview, Knovos’ holistic eDiscovery platform, provides a centrally managed environment with feature-rich, integrated modules for truly comprehensive eDiscovery. Our simple and intuitive dashboard enables enhanced customization and oversight, while advanced security features ensure robust protection of confidential data.... Read More