Tracking, managing, and analyzing data are time-consuming tasks that have only become more challenging as the volume, variety, and sources of data rapidly increase. In the absence of a centralized “smart” repository that automates data collections and archiving, organizations also spend greater amounts of time and money identifying key information for litigation and internal business processes. The use of multiple repositories prevents organizations from obtaining a holistic and comprehensive understanding of their data, significantly increasing the risk of failing to comply with evolving regulations while decreasing the potential to generate new business value.

Knovos’ data management solution automates data collection from various sources and supports a centralized repository, streamlining the collection and saving organizations both time and money. By allowing organizations to define and implement their own business rules regarding their data, our flexible solution also enables users to achieve regulatory compliance, automate data purging, and consolidate and analyze data for valuable insights.


nayaEdge - GRC Solution

nayaEdge is a complete Information Governance, Risk, and Compliance solution that automates enterprise data management, litigation, and compliance monitoring. It enables organizations to streamline their data governance with efficient information management and smart archiving. And it provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s data, knowledge assets,...... Read More