Overwhelmed by data from multiple decentralized silos, organizations struggle to comply with government regulations, internal and external investigations, and audit requirements. Many organizations often use their disaster recovery sources as their primary data archiving and information management solution, which results in the retention of irrelevant and duplicative data.

With Knovos’ “smart” archiving solutions, organizations can significantly minimize the burden and risks associated with legal, compliance, and data management by maintaining a single instance of relevant data in a centralized data repository. Our solutions enable organizations to identify, classify, organize, and defensibly dispose of their data. By automating rules for data storage, Knovos’ solutions also easily determine what data needs to be stored and for how long, categorizing the data for quick retrieval. These efficiencies result in reduced storage and infrastructure, lowering costs and risk.


nayaEdge - GRC Solution

nayaEdge is a complete Information Governance, Risk, and Compliance solution that automates enterprise data management, litigation, and compliance monitoring. It enables organizations to streamline their data governance with efficient information management and smart archiving. And it provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s data, knowledge assets,...... Read More