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Overwhelmed by data from multiple decentralized silos, organizations struggle to comply with government regulations, internal and external investigations, and audit requirements. Many organizations often use their disaster recovery sources as their primary data archiving and information management solution, which results in the retention of irrelevant and duplicative data.

The Solution:
Knovos data archival solution simplifies the process of archiving drastically. Centralized repository stores inactive data in an optimized and compressed format with secured access rights to minimize the burden and risks associated with legal, compliance, and data management. By automating rules for data storage, Knovos’ solutions also easily determine what data needs to be stored and for how long, categorizing the data for quick retrieval.

The solution empowers CIOs and CISOs to identify, classify, organize, and defensibly dispose of enterprise data, rewarding reduced storage and infrastructure costs.

Challenges we solve:

Archival Complication

Archival Complication

The solution is flexible allowing it to be integrated with your existing workflow. It enables you to define archival rules based on data classification and compliance needs. It also generates each document's metadata file and the deduplication report.
Types of Data

Types of Data

Data is growing exponentially, and so are its complications. Knovos solution supports all kinds of data types and helps you to systematically optimize file formats and archive them in the best-compressed size and formats for quick retrieval.
Driving Automation

Driving Automation

Our solution helps the IT teams automate the archival process by creating auto-retrieval and purge rules to speed up the process.


Allow users to manage data based on the retention policy according to the compliance and information governance directives. Also, it keeps you prepared for unexpected litigation or investigation.
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