Businesses, organizations, and agencies generate a vast amount of digital data with potential relevance for future litigation. These enterprises are also responsible for preserving all of their data in its original format to ensure integrity. When anticipating litigation, it can be daunting to account for all custodians and their data sources (e-mails, network shares, mobile devices, social networks, databases, etc.) without a standardized process for identification and preservation. In the absence of deep knowledge of the systems that contain their data, enterprises risk failing to secure the necessary information while increasing the possibility of legal sanctions.

Knovos’ nayaEdge solution comprehensively supports data identification and preservation for legal hold management, while ensuring complete control over all enterprise information and preventing reliance on employee management and potential mishandling of data. By connecting directly to custodian work devices as well as business systems, nayaEdge automatically collects data, increasing defensibility and eliminating the need for custodians to retain their own information and risk losing critical data. Upon collection, nayaEdge indexes and categorizes the data in stores, where the data remains unaltered and ready for immediate delivery. In addition, an advanced search module within nayaEdge provides users with the ability to identify specific data and place it in a legal hold. These searches can also be saved, allowing users to efficiently re-execute a particular search at a later date.


eZManage - Legal Case Management solution

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