A Legal Task Management & Billing Software

Automate task tracking and enjoy hassle-free invoicing!

A single powerful solution for law firms to track tasks, billable hours, and generate invoices

Stop juggling between apps and sheets to track tasks and generate invoices proficiently!

Every successful project involves hundreds of tasks, and neither of these tasks is the same nor their cost. Every client, task, and resource has a different pay scale. Therefore, every invoice sent to the client needs a thorough check based on the pre-agreed invoicing terms. One has to be more vigilant with billable hours and tasks, especially when using a legacy system.

Moreover, transferring data from one platform to another makes your organization vulnerable to unexpected threats like cybercrime or data loss.

Knovos has brought your holistic solution for managing your tasks and invoicing together from a single and secured platform.

Our task and invoicing solution is equipped with advanced technologies like machine learning, which helps you automate your monotonous task, saving precious time and money.

It is time to add value to your process! Time-tracking, task-tracking, invoicing.

Let’s see how our solution helps you to eradicate your task and invoicing challenges:

Single source of truth

Single source of truth

You don’t have to switch between different apps or sheets to validate the data. Get hold of complete project details and their progress using a single unified platform. Access the information of all the resources, tasks, and billing rates instantly.
Predefined tasks

Predefined tasks

Tasks vary from project to project and client to client. One can prefill the task type, ideal timeline, cost, and Assigned resources or team. Once these parameters are well defined, it gets quicker to track the task from start to finish.
Billable hours track

Billable hours track

Calculate the billable hours effortlessly based on the approved timesheet submitted by each team lead or manager. All you need is to access the task sheet, which will help you with all the details, including billable hours and invoicing rates.
Invoicing templates

Invoicing templates

To smoothen the invoicing experience, you can create various templates with all the mandate details to be added to the invoice, such as client name, chargeable tasks, time spent, and costs. Automate the billing process for long-term projects and save yourself plenty of time to focus on other important tasks rather than spending days on invoicing.
Pattern Pattern

Key benefits

Improved rapport with clients
Improved rapport with clients
Increased operational efficiency
Increased operational efficiency
Smoother End to end project management
Smoother End to end project management
Accurate invoicing
Accurate invoicing

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