Modernize the way to monitor Government Programs and their Performances

A comprehensive solution from defining goals, administering budgets, and visualizing performance data

Governments today have become increasingly interested in Performance Management as a real system — steering organizations on a day-to-day basis toward the results-oriented outcomes that define their success.

Performance Management is the best approach for maximizing program efficiency and effectiveness throughout an entire organization — whether a small municipality or a large federal agency. But without the right technology and processes, it is always challenging for associated people.

Get a Clear Line of Sight
Integrates program goals into performance reports
The apt link between cost, performance, and goals
Smooth Interagency coordination

Performance Budgeting Solution

Governmental organizations want to show the results they expect from the money they spend but need help prominently and helpfully. These organizations often end up with lists of performance indicators that mix various outputs, outcomes, and workload measures under a single dollar amount, which blurs the ability to see how a particular level of spending should directly affect program performance.

Explore how Knovos performance budgeting solution enables you to allocate budgets for various programs

Government Performance Reporting

Many Government agencies report selected measures of actual performance on their websites, showing program results annually. However, there should a system in place that program managers can use to track the efficiency and effectiveness of the ongoing program throughout the year.

Check how Knovos Government Performance Reporting solution can help your agency set up such a system.

KPI Dashboard

Sometimes Government agencies must communicate their performance and impacts based on real program statistics to their citizens or beneficiaries. This creates misunderstandings and wrong perceptions about various programs and the allocation of taxpayers’ money to them.

The KPI dashboard provides a holistic graphical overview of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to get quick and profound insights into all the programs.

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