Governments today have become increasingly interested in Performance Management as a real system — steering organizations on a day-to-day basis toward the results-oriented outcomes that define their success. Performance Management is the best approach for maximizing program efficiency and effectiveness throughout an entire organization — whether a small municipality or a large federal agency. But without the right tools and processes, doing this well can be a big challenge.

Knovos provides a truly comprehensive Performance Management system that:

  • Sets longer-term goals specifying desired outcomes, generally as part of a strategic plan — and links these measures to program performance targets in an annual performance plan.
  • Links higher-level annual goals down to day-to-day activities that managers actually manage — and which will ultimately determine a program’s results.
  • Can show the costs of achieving annual goals by incorporating them into a budget — evolving a performance plan into a program performance budget.
  • Ensures that managers get timely performance data throughout the year, so that they can spot areas that need attention and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Involves support functions (human resources, information technology, financial management, etc.) to ensure that managers get the tools and staff training required to maximize program performance.



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