Some governmental organizations have yet to start clearly defining the outcomes they want their programs to achieve, especially in terms of measurable levels of service that are important to their citizens. Others have lists of performance measures, but these lists lack a structure that shows how certain program activities will generate the outputs that should result in desired outcomes. This is not enough to create a real Performance Plan that actually guides agency actions.

Knovos provides a powerful planning solution that helps governments develop truly meaningful and effective Performance Plans. These plans clearly link strategies and activities to anticipated service levels and program results. This cascading Performance Plan structure outlines the cause-and-effect relationships that guide an organization throughout the year.


Cascade - Budgeting Solution

Cascade is a comprehensive, innovative strategic planning, performance budgeting, and performance reporting solution that functions as a Web-based add-on to existing financial management systems. Cascade tracks business performance throughout the year with customizable scorecards, dashboards, dials, graphs, and reports, facilitating directed decision-making and enabling improved allocation of...... Read More