Many local governments and larger agencies now report selected measures of actual performance on their websites, showing their citizens year-end program results over a range of public services. However, too often there is not much ongoing performance data being reported below this, throughout the year, for use by program managers to track efficiency and effectiveness and to manage for results.

Knovos provides a powerful solution that gives managers at every level the performance-monitoring and reporting tools they need to improve efficiency and maximize results. Performance scorecards for each measure show actual versus planned results throughout the year, while personalized dashboards track selected measures and KPIs on an ongoing basis. Every manager can use this Knovos solution to steer his or her programs to even higher levels of service.


Cascade - Budgeting Solution

Cascade is a comprehensive, innovative strategic planning, performance budgeting, and performance reporting solution that functions as a Web-based add-on to existing financial management systems. Cascade tracks business performance throughout the year with customizable scorecards, dashboards, dials, graphs, and reports, facilitating directed decision-making and enabling improved allocation of...... Read More