Regardless of size, scope, and complexity, all projects require organization, communication, documentation, and time and resource management. A lack of standardized workflows and decentralized knowledge sources impede collaboration, consistency, and efficiency, resulting in unnecessary challenges for project teams. Compounding these challenges is the need for management oversight to quickly visualize and quantify successes or areas in need of improvement.

Knovos’ robust project management solution facilitates transparency and removes the dependency on individual knowledge, empowering collaboration, enhancing quality, and ensuring consistent project management and service. Our solution’s flexibility, automation, customization, and easy-to-use interface seamlessly integrate with current business practices and workflows, ensuring widespread user adoption and project success.


eDiscovery Process Management

Ever-changing priorities across multitudes of projects find teams consistently struggling with organization and standardization, resulting in process inconsistencies and an inability to quickly identify and...

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Quantitative Project Management

No matter the length, complexity, or cost of a project, teams must set goals, measure outcomes, balance budgets, and provide reporting, among many other requirements....

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Ticketing System

The majority of project-related communication and updates take place via e-mail, causing major transparency issues. Project management teams must continuously sort through large in-boxes to...

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eZManage - Legal Case Management solution

eZManage is a highly customizable project management solution that delivers continuous process improvement — learning from and evolving with existing enterprise processes rather than requiring users to modify their working approach to adapt to the software. By integrating and streamlining workflows, eZManage also minimizes duplicative and manual...... Read More