No matter the length, complexity, or cost of a project, teams must set goals, measure outcomes, balance budgets, and provide reporting, among many other requirements. Without quantifiable metrics, project managers struggle to measure performance and gauge if they are within the scope or budget of a project. Management teams need an easy, measurable, and visual method for project oversight.

Knovos’ project management solution offers easy-to-use, quantifiable metrics through visualization, reporting, customizable workflows, and much more. It empowers management to define the metrics that teams must follow, provides the oversight to ensure acceptance, standardizes job requirements, and makes milestones measurable throughout a project. In addition, all metrics from budgets to task requirements can be easily tracked and visualized. The flexibility of our solution easily embeds quantifiable metrics in fully mature and standardized processes, allowing project managers to effortlessly drive efficiencies and create business value.


eZManage - Legal Case Management solution

eZManage is a highly customizable project management solution that delivers continuous process improvement — learning from and evolving with existing enterprise processes rather than requiring users to modify their working approach to adapt to the software. By integrating and streamlining workflows, eZManage also minimizes duplicative and manual...... Read More