Streamline Your Processes Toward Regulatory Compliance

Technology-enabled approach to proactively enforce data privacy policies organization-wide

Complying with rules and legal requirements poses a great challenge for organizations. Regulatory compliance is an objective that businesses have to achieve by imposing zero-tolerance data privacy policies and implementing the industry’s best practices for maintaining data hygiene. Legal and IT teams can work together for a shared goal to create harmony between people, processes, and technologies.

Knovos governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions enable CIO, CISO, and compliance officers to monitor and search required information out of consolidated enterprise data using a single unified technology/solution. It helps organizations to serve DSAR requests from regulators or investigators. Additionally, it has built-in encryption and granular access control mechanism to safeguard sensitive business information from unauthorized access.

360-degree data visualization
Rapid response to compliance, litigation, and risks
Content intelligence
Information security and control

Take your PII Management to the Next Level

An organization relies on various tools and applications for managing various processes. It could be accounting software, HRMS, project management, vendor management, and assets management, to name a few. It is extremely difficult to identify PII and manage them individually.

Knovos GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) solution connects all the data sources and creates a centralized repository of enterprise data along with metadata and PII. It classifies information by PII types, and one can easily find the required PII using an advanced search.

GDPR Compliance Solution

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposed a strong mandate on organizations to be extra careful of the personal information of customers, partners, or employees.  Hefty fines and reputational damage in the event of GDPR violations are simply heartbreaking.

Organizations should have a system in place to enforce data privacy policies enterprise-wide. Additionally, there should be a mechanism for incident response. Learn how Knovos can help you comply with GDPR proactively

CCPA/CPRA Compliance Solution

California State Legislature passed California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), an amendment to CCPA. It applies to businesses that hold the personal information of California residents. Some other states are also in the process of passing such regulations to protect the personal information of their citizens.

Organizations should have the technology to implement data privacy policies and monitoring mechanisms aligned with CCPA/CPRA regulations.


Scaling up DSAR response capability is a need of an hour for large enterprises where data are dispersed across multiple locations, applications, and devices. Structured and unstructured nature of organization data make it further complicated. And top of that, 30 days’ deadline by privacy regulators is there to level up the stress of legal and IT team.


Our integrated solution can manage entire process from data identification to production. It eliminates the need for separate tools for data discovery and request management. The result is a seamless, efficient, and effective workflow tailored to the unique requirements of federal government agencies.

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