Complying with rules and legal requirements poses a great challenge for organizations. Regulatory compliance is an objective that businesses hope to achieve through established best practices designed to address applicable laws, regulations, and standards. Organizations need repeatable and documented processes in place to enable them to demonstrate compliance.

Knovos’ information governance, risk, and compliance solution enables compliance officers to monitor and search an organization’s entire enterprise landscape from one user-friendly dashboard, quickly retrieving the information necessary to conduct an inquiry or investigation. Compliance personnel have access to any pertinent data they may need to view, including Information attributes associated with the content belonging to each individual custodian, as well as any specific file. Knovos’ solution also offers advanced encryption, monitoring capabilities, and permission control over all users and documents, further enhancing an organization’s compliance practices.



nayaEdge is a complete Information Governance, Risk, and Compliance solution that automates enterprise data management, litigation, and compliance monitoring. It enables organizations to streamline their data governance with efficient information management and smart archiving. And it provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s data, knowledge assets,...... Read More

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