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Scaling up DSAR response capability is a need of an hour for large enterprises where data are dispersed across multiple locations, applications, and devices. Structured and unstructured nature of organization data make it further complicated. And top of that, 30 days’ deadline by privacy regulators is there to level up the stress of legal and IT team.

Pattern Pattern

Embrace Knovos AI-powered eDiscovery platform for streamlining your DSAR process!

  • Quick identification of documents containing the requester’s personal information
  • Built-in PII analytics with 400+ pre-configured patterns in 60 different categories
  • Visualize the PII landscape
  • Point-and-click maps to search across PII, uncovering essential material that may otherwise go unnoticed
  • Auto redaction of a company’s Intellectual Property (IP) and other individuals’ PII
  • Guaranteed privacy protection
  • Export complete sets of redacted-responsive documents with necessary stamping and bates numbering
  • Built-in production module for exporting production set

4 Key components of Knovos DSAR solutions that can expedite your DSAR response

Matchless Data Processing capability

Supports all leading data types and perform 25+ processing activities on data and make them suitable for manual review

TAR and AI-tag classification

Expedite response by leveraging AI-enabled TAR and auto classification capability of the platform

Redaction Automation

Protect third-parties PII (Personally Identifiable Information) by leveraging auto redaction capabilities and enhance efficiency

Advanced Search

Advanced search functionality enables you to quickly locate and retrieve relevant data, complement manual review efforts

Trusted DSAR Management Solutions that works for
all major privacy regulations


Key capabilities of Knovos DSAR solutions

  • End-to-end platform for DSAR requests management
  • Role-based access permission
  • Military-grade data security and encryption standards
  • Standardized production with required labeling, numbering, and stamping
  • Automated Redaction
  • AI-enabled data classification and tagging
  • Custom Workflow Setup
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Progress Check
Introduce a data-driven approach to measure program performance
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