The exponential spread of personally identifiable information (PII) has led governments to create new regulations to ensure its protection. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect on May 25, 2018, aims to synchronize data protection policies across all member states of the European Union. Particular GDPR provisions give individuals the right to know what data an organization has on them, the right to have that data corrected if necessary, the right to portability if they want a copy, and the right to erasure if the individual wants to be forgotten. In order for organizations to meet these strong requirements, they need to have holistic control over the data they hold and be able to search through their structured and unstructured data repositories. This can be a burdensome process for organizations with a dispersed data landscape.

Knovos’ smart archiving technology provides an organization’s information protection team with a data command center allowing them to connect all of their dispersed information into one centralized repository from which they can search over their entire landscape and act on the results as needed. Organizational deployment of our solution will accommodate several of the fundamental tenets of GDPR, including accountability, reportability, searchability, purgeability, and portability. The installation of a new data governance solution also helps improve security and consolidate dispersed data.


nayaEdge - GRC Solution

nayaEdge is a complete Information Governance, Risk, and Compliance solution that automates enterprise data management, litigation, and compliance monitoring. It enables organizations to streamline their data governance with efficient information management and smart archiving. And it provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s data, knowledge assets,...... Read More