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A Proactive Approach to Minimize the Risk of GDPR Compliance Failure!

Knovos’ solution enables you to access the right information at the right time!

The exponential spread of personally identifiable information (PII) has led governments to create regulations to ensure its protection. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) synchronizes data protection policies across all European Union member states. Moreover, GDPR provisions empower individuals with DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) – the right to know what data an organization has on them, the right to have that data corrected if necessary, portability if they want a copy, and the right to erase if the individual wants to be forgotten.

To meet these substantial requirements, Organizations need complete control over the data and a one-click search through enterprise data (structured and unstructured) to meet these substantial requirements. An organization should have the technology to monitor GDPR compliance and a mechanism to serve DSAR requests in a given timeline.

We are not compliance experts. But we are data experts for sure. We provide you with an intelligent data governance solution to help you visualize and control voluminous data empowering you with all the insights to monitor compliances.

An integrated smart archiving solution enables your IT and legal team to connect all dispersed data sources into one centralized repository. You can search over the entire data landscape and act on the results as needed. Our solution accommodates several fundamentals of GDPR, including accountability, reportability, searchability, permeability, and portability. It also improves security and consolidates dispersed data. It also has a rule-based purging capability to reduce the burden of redundant data on your IT infrastructure.

Here is what to expect

Single Click Information

Single Click Information

Deal with your compliance notices effortlessly. Our solution is inbuilt with smart searching capabilities to provide quick results irrespective of the data volume. Find whatever you need in a few seconds.
Sneak Peek of the Entire Data

Sneak Peek of the Entire Data

Enables an innovative monitoring capability to give in-depth multidimensional visualizations of the entire organization’s data. The dynamic dashboard keeps you aware of all the PII or sensitive data you hold, thus enhancing your decision-making.
Robust Control

Robust Control

Knovos solutions are designed to help you gain power over data. Therefore, it provides complete control over data access rights, security, storage, retention, and purging. Control information flow inside and outside the organization like never before.
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Save organizations from hefty penalties for GDPR violation
Save organizations from hefty penalties for GDPR violation
Reduce IT infrastructure costs
Reduce IT infrastructure costs
eDiscovery or litigation readiness
eDiscovery or litigation readiness
Be a
Be a "data-safe" organization and win customers' trust

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