All-In-One Legal Project Management: Product Demo

Regardless of size, scope, and complexity, all projects require organization, communication, documentation, and time and resource management. Standardized workflows and decentralized knowledge sources help optimize project collaboration, consistency, and efficiency.

eZManage, Knovos’ robust project management solution, delivers transparency, collaboration, quality, and consistency. Our solution’s flexibility, automation, customization, and easy-to-use interface seamlessly integrate with current business practices and workflows.

Discover how eZManage facilitates effective and efficient project oversight through its knowledge repository, communication services, task automation, robust reporting, and legal hold functionality.

Learn how to:

  • Issue and manage legal hold notifications in eZManage, and understand why they should be integrated with case management systems
  • Use a collective email management system for increased visibility into an entire team’s workload and status requests
  • Customize standardized workflows for specific organizational requests, instructions, and reporting
  • Automate the tracking of expenditures to share with clients, project managers, and department heads

Join us for a 45-minute live product demonstration and Q&A to find out how your legal team can become more proactive and efficient.


  • Connor MorganSenior Solutions Specialist, Knovos