The Pricing Games

Change is the only constant thing in electronic discovery (eDiscovery) industry. Driving this change is the technology. The common misconception of the advancement in eDiscovery is that technology’s new efficiency correspondingly then result in it being cheaper to develop as well. The problem with this belief is that not all processes or applications are created with the same complexities and sophistication. If prescribed programming and design methodologies are followed, the technology is expensive to develop.

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Untangling the Web: Navigating the Complex World of Multinational Discovery

Cross-border discovery in multinational investigations and litigation is a complex and seeming unnavigable field rife with challenges. In fact, what is referred to as discovery in the United States does not exist in most other jurisdictions. Where it does exist, it is not only referred to differently, but is also much more limited in scope. These differences have resulted in tension between legal systems. Other conflicts arise from the different cultural understandings of privacy.

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Explore New Frontiers in eDiscovery with Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Litigation expenses are a significant concern for most organizations. Data analytics, when properly utilized, can provide substantial cost reduction, while also reducing organizational risk.

Analytics in eDiscovery can help produce efficiency in a document review and locate key documents more quickly, resulting in key informed decision making related to case strategy earlier in the case.

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