A trio of technology, knowledge, and tech-enthusiasts!

A journey of a thousand miles begins...

Right from the dawn of 21st century, it was evident that Big Data is gaining to create an impact on future of businesses. And our visionary leaders predicted the growing importance of information management and therefore, they decided to develop technological solutions that will empower people to gain power over data and use it for the greater gains.

Addressing today's data challenges for our customers

We strive to create an enriching experience for all our customers through our technology. Our products assist, augment, and stimulate better outcomes.

Our Story

On October 18, 2002, Knovos came into existence with a sole mission “To build smart and creative solutions which can solve our customers’ information management challenges and instill Knovos customers with the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed and thrive in an ever-evolving technological world.” Since then, Knovos has never looked back.

Knovos is sailing under the leadership of Gita Shingala and Dharmesh Shingala, the power couple in the US tech industry.

What Our Client Say
About Knovos

We have been delivering best-in-class technology solutions to our customers

Knovos has a team of seasoned professionals who can understand real-life business problems and propose a solution. I recommend Knovos solutions for managing organizational data and gaining actionable insights from them

Senior Manager
Global AM 100 Law Firm

We are Knovos ADDICT

We deliver flexible, creative solutions based on a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and adapting quickly to their evolving requirements.

We go the extra mile and do whatever we can to make the clients’ experience more delightful at every step.

Our comprehensive training, 24/7 technical support, and sharing of industry knowledge provide our stakeholders with the expertise necessary to be the best and most successful they can be.

We keep the promises we make to our clients and to each other. We listen carefully to maximize our understanding. We accept responsibility for our actions.

We design unique and creative solutions, and we always put ourselves in the customers’ shoes to create an easy and intuitive experience.

With a keen eye for talent, we focus on nurturing young talents into the great minds of the future.

Our People

Knovos is a company driven by knowledge and its people. Knovos community is a group of technology enthusiasts, creative, and passionate people. One common thread that binds all of the Knovosians (Knovos people) together is the shared vision, "To change the way people interact with data and empower our customers with technologies to solve their Information Governance and Management challenges."
Enterprise-grade technology solutions
Successful deployments
Satisfied customers worldwide
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Knovos Timeline

  1. Opened a new office in Florida. This is our third office in the USA
  2. Rebranded as Knovos — reflecting our focus on knowledge, newness, and knowing our customers
  3. Changed company name from Capital Legal Solutions to Capital Novus
  4. Opened second European office in London
  5. Relocated company headquarters to Fairfax, VA
  6. Kicked off European operations with a new office in Paris
  7. Opened new branch offices in New York City and Tokyo
  8. Opened satellite office in Gandhinagar, India
  9. The creation of Capital Legal Solutions, LLC — and the beginning of a great journey