Establish a Reliable PII Management Enterprise Wide!

Address time-sensitive DSAR (Data Subject Access Requests) & internal investigation requests promptly

Be aware of your data volume, the types of compliance you are subjected to, and the number of documents with PII. Our élite data governance solution empowers an organization to access the right information at the right time. Also, it gives an organization a bird’s eye view of its entire data lifecycle through multidimensional analytics and visually appealing dashboard presentation.

Any compliance enactment can be easily adapted within your ecosystem. Our solutions help businesses to know their data thoroughly and quickly identify if they are obliged to abide by regulatory compliances. Our technology assists in improving compliance readiness.

Our PII analytics helps promptly identify all types of personally identifiable information (PII) associated with business documents. It consists of Date of birth, SSN, EHR, Credit Card Number, Telephone Number, Email Address, Geographic location data, Biometric identifiers, Bank Account Number, IP addresses, and more.

Also, the solution has the OCR capability to convert all images or scanned documents into searchable document versions. It has advanced metadata search functionalities to ensure advanced search-ability and identification. Moreover, organizations compelled to respond to DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) can have complete control over their data and quickly search through their entire data repositories to locate the PII information of the request.

Here is what to expect

Quick PII Identification
Quick PII Identification
Irrespective of the data volume, our solution can process all sorts of documents to identify the specific information mentioned in the document and categories them accordingly. Fasten up your compliance process with a smart data governance platform
Become Penalty Proof
Become Penalty Proof
Ensure all your data abide by regulatory compliances and policies without any failure. Comprehensive reporting and auditing enable you to identify loopholes within your practices and make an informed decision in time to safeguard your organization from penalties.
On-Time Regulatory Responses
On-Time Regulatory Responses
Discover where you comply and where you do not. Get an instant update on compliance failure or misconduct for making informed decisions. Proactively prepare for any potential query from regulatory organizations to avoid late penalties.
Complete Data Governance
Complete Data Governance
Adopt automation and simplicity to your data operations. Know your data better and identify PII to stay on top of your compliances. Implement proper workflow to comply with regulatory compliances in easy steps from a single platform.
Zero Data Loss
Zero Data Loss
Never lose sight of your data again. For quick access, everything is secured and stored systematically in a centralized data repository. Rapid search ability provides easy access to all the information at the tip of your finger.
Control Over The Data Life Cycle
Control Over The Data Life Cycle
Gain complete control over your data lifecycle by automating tasks like storage, PII analysis, tagging, and purging based on the compliances you follow.
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