eDiscovery Early Case Assessment (ECA) Solution

Early Case Assessment - Early Insights for Lasting Impacts

Reduce Attorney-review costs by leveraging ECA Solution

Leverage ECA workflow to gain insights, evaluate risk and save cost & time

Early Case Assessment is more of an opportunity than a solution. When challenged with quickly establishing a case strategy or discovery plan, litigation professionals or case teams need an efficient platform to effectively sort through voluminous data sets to identify the content of interest. ECA provides an ability to leverage learnings from previous cases to drive efficiency and lower the Review cost. Moreover, gain access to meaningful visualizations early in the discovery process to implement the most cost-efficient case strategies and increase productivity while maintaining the quality and consistency of coding decisions.

Here’s what you get

Repurpose The Work Product

Repurpose The Work Product

Identify crucial information and take important decisions to go ahead with the case. Reutilize the efforts and time of legal professionals invested in reviewing documents relevant to similar cases in the past. Quickly evaluate potential litigation risks and plan your response as early as you can
All in One Platform

All in One Platform

Knovos’ ECA solution enables your eDiscovery team to access all the information using the same platform. No need to switch between platforms to access the knowledge repository, everything you need is few clicks away.
Cost-Effective eDiscovery

Cost-Effective eDiscovery

Make the most of your money. Avoid spending on the Review for the same documents but have quick access to a smart knowledge repository at a very nominal cost. ECA allows you to save all your reviewed documents smartly arranged in secure storage for future references
Gain Early Insights

Gain Early Insights

Our solution facilitates exploration and a better understanding of collected data with multidimensional content analysis. It also provides pre-categorization of key documents.
Optimized Storage

Optimized Storage

Run de-duplication process and minimized storage ensuring the consistent assertion of privilege, other prior work product, and Bates numbering across the entire repository.
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Are you looking for cutting down eDiscovery cost? Knovos ECA solution is worth considering
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